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There is no doubt that humans are damaging the earth's environments and the ecosystems. There are many species that are going extinct and have gone extinct. The air and oceans are being poisoned by all sorts of chemicals, byproducts, sewege, radiation, etc.

It is true that many places are affected by drought, but these places have almost always had drought problems. There is mention of drought throughout history. It's not a new thing. It is a major concern for people in places that are affected by it, however, it's not yet a global crisis. It might become one some day, but it's difficult to predict what changes to various regions in the world actually indicate on a global scale. The earth has been around 4 and a half billion years. Scientific data records of climate and environmental changes, sea levels, and more advanced scientific data gathering has only taken place since the 1800s. A hundred years or so is hardly a large enough cross-section of data to fully understand the changes to the earth.

I don't know what will happen because of it, but exploding nuclear bombs on the earth is certainly bad for it, especially for whatever exists in the area of the explosion. Poisoning the world with chemicals, destorying forests, and stripping the earth of everything it has to give can only lead to trouble. How long we have before it renders the earth uninhabitable is difficult to determine. I have to say that the damage to the other is mostly fueled by greed from my understanding.

Answers to questions (not in order):

1- Do you incorporate any water-saving techniques in your day-to-day life? If so, we’d love to hear what they are!

I do my best not waste anything (including time, but I'm absolutely horrible at that, being the major procrastinator that I am). I don't know any water saving techniques except, uh, not leaving the water on when not in use... I flush after every use of the toilet, I just gotta.

3- One solution to water woes used in different regions worldwide are so-called “rain taxes” that charges building owners for excess rainwater. What’s the water situation like where you’re at? Are there any special restrictions or preventative steps being taken to regulate usage?

My area has plenty of water, lots of snowfall, and terribly cold winters. Bitter with sweet I guess.

In your opinion, which is a more effective strategy for dealing with resource shortages on Earth: creating solutions through conservation and renewal, or exploring other potential homes for our species throughout the universe?

Now, this question is the one I find the most interesting. It is a very complex problem in all ways. We absolutely must create solutions for conservation and renewal and find ways to protect the planet from the greed that happens to be destroying it. This is only a short-term solution for another major problem:  The sun and the rest of the universe.

The state of the solar system is not permanent. We are lucky to be in a system capable of sustaining life at all. We are in constant danger of random cosmic threats, such as meteors, asteroids and all sorts of other phenomena we have yet to discover (aliens? wormholes?).

The sun will expand and swallow mercury and venus, but even if earth escapes the supergiant phase of sol, it will be burned to a crisp. The moon might cause earth to tilt and this will cause all sorts of fatal problems. Earth's core might die and this will cause fatal problems. Even if the sun won't kill the earth, it will die, and we can't survive without it. One way or the other, the earth is doomed.




The dilemma:  We must protect our world, if we are to survive at all. We must find a way out of the solar system or some other way to survive. Scientific research may be the only way to save us from the inevitable end to our world. We need to expand our knowledge of the universe. We need new technologies. We need warp drive. Wormhole technology. Time travel. Food synthesis, air and water synthesis, teleportaion, artificial intelligence, super computers, energy shields, phasers, stasis chambers (for the long journey through space and time).

There is no doubt that the earth is doomed. It seems like something very far off, but it is inevitable, we have to yet to see if it also means the end of humanity.

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